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Stuttering And Breathing

Stuttering and Breathing 

Often there is a significant relationship between the way you breathe and your stutter. This is not always true, because everyone is different after all. But the way you breathe is integral to the way your voice sounds. Without breath no sound will come out at all and if you are using your breathing in a way that has not supported your voice well, this may be really key in improving your fluency.

You Can Learn A Better Way Of Breathing

It is an unknown whether the way we breathe is just a habit that we learnt earlier on in life and have got used to. Or whether it is a genetic predisposition Either way, if it is part of what is making the stutter possible then it is essential to learn a better way, that will support your voice and take the strain off the muscles of your throat, tongue, lips and jaw. If you pay attention to the way professional speakers speak, you will notice they always have lots of breath and top up every time they are about a quarter full.

 This is particularly noticeable in people who have strong sounding voices. What you might also be able to notice is that when they breathe they do it low down. So you won’t see them lifting their shoulders, but you will see their stomach and lower rib cage go in and out. You can also see this very noticeably in children whose internal organs are proportionally larger than in adults. Also, when you are really relaxed, like when you first wake up in the morning, you can notice you breathe ‘lower down’ quite naturally.

You may also have noticed that when you sing you can do it really fluently. If you try singing a few notes now, you will notice that the way you breathe tends to use the lower part of the lungs more. This is also true when you shout.

Laura says she uses her breathing this way all the time and if you listen to her speak she has a very strong, tuneful and interesting voice. In the Spicer Method, you learn how to use this kind of breathing for speaking, which is often very useful in getting more fluent as well as sounding more interesting and pleasant to listen to.

Most People Only Stutter On The First Word Uttered

Apart from how you breathe, something else to pay attention to is the fact that most people who stutter, only do so on the first syllable of a word or the start of a phrase. People who speak fluently normally join words up so the sound of saying something like ‘my mother’ would be more like ‘mime-other’. One of the techniques in the Spicer Method is to learn how to run the words together so you can minimise the number of opportunities for the stutter to affect you. Once you know how to run words together and top up your breath at the relevant moment, you will find how much easier it is to be fluent.

The Guarantee

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